While whether or not closing apps on the iOS actually has any performance, there are some reasons why it might be useful. For example, if an app is not responding or it drains a ton of battery (Facebook?).

Follow along to learn how to do it…

iPhone & iPad: How to force quit apps

  1. On an iPhone X or an iPad (running iOS 12), swipe up from the bottom and hold to bring up the App Switcher. On older iPhones and all iPads, double tap the Home button.
  2. Find the app you’d like to close and swipe up. Note that on iPhone X on iOS 11, you’ll need to tap and hold the app, wait for the red minus button to appear, and then swipe up (you can optionally tap the minus button to force quit the app.

Like mentioned above, you should only force quit an app when it’s not responding, or its hogging way too much battery. iOS automatically manages background apps, and manually force quitting every app will only drain your battery more.

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