One of the great benefits of modern cell phones and carriers is that you’re able to put calls on hold while you’re on a phone call. While you could easily create a 3-way call, that’s not always convenient nor appropriate for the case. That’s where Call waiting comes in, a feature that lets you have two separate calls and lets you interact with an incoming call. Disabling the feature will force all incoming calls to go to voicemail if you’re currently in a call.

Follow along to learn how to toggle this feature…

iPhone: How to toggle Call waiting

  1. Fire up Settings > Phone and Call Waiting.
  2. Wait a few seconds, and either slide the feature on or off depending on your preference.

Call waiting is a super cool feature, but if you’re constantly getting bombarded with phone calls, this is a simple setting that can make your life easier by only allowing one call in at a time.

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