Square is today announcing a new and updated mobile payment terminal that aims to make payments with iPhones or iPads easier.

Announced via a press release, Square is launching a new swipe-based card reader that takes Lightning, allowing you to make payments on an iPhone and iPad.

We want you to be able to run your business however you want — and never miss a sale. Whether you take payments via Square Stand in a restaurant, with a phone and reader in a retail pop-up, or with a computer in a medical office, we want to make sure our tools work seamlessly in your environment.

Unfortunately, the new terminal only takes swipe, so no chip and no NFC-based payments (such as Apple Pay). However, this is meant to be super portable for businesses that are constantly on the move.

Square sells a similar variation to this terminal, but uses the 3.5mm jack on devices instead. Of course, with the increasing number of devices removing that port, it makes sense for Square to build new terminals around ports that will hopefully last a long time.

The new Square Reader with Lightning port is available now.

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