With the launch of iPhone XS and iPhone XR, Apple has stopped selling the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s. Both lines are no longer available to purchase directly. The iPhone X is also no longer available through Apple, with the iPhone XS taking its place in the lineup.

Apple says these models are available at authorized resellers, with no guarantees on how long production will continue.

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To make up for the fact that the SE is effectively no longer sold, Apple has shifted pricing on its older iPhone models down. iPhone SE costs $349. The iPhone 7 now starts at $449, so not as cheap as the SE price point but closer.

Naturally, Apple wants to promote its latest flagship phones. However, both come with hefty price tags. The cheaper XR starts at $749. The XS takes the same price point as the iPhone X. The iPhone XS Max costs $100 more.

This shakeup in the lineup was indicated before the event began, thanks to Apple updating the sitemap prematurely.

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