Apple claims 18 hours of “all day” battery life, which means your Apple Watch will typically last a full day and charge overnight. However, this isn’t always the case. The easiest solution to the problem is to add a battery complication to the watch face but that’s not ideal as you don’t always want to have a complication. Follow along for a quick and easy way to check Apple Watch battery life.

How to check Apple Watch battery life

  1. On Apple Watch, swipe up from the bottom to get to Control Center.
  2. Scroll until you find the battery life block in Control Center.
  3. If battery is low, you can tap on the icon and swipe to turn on Low Power Mode.

Again, Apple Watch battery life is typically great but sometimes it’s not. Especially if you plan on doing a long workout or be on LTE for long periods of time, or both. Streaming audio such as podcasts, music, or taking a phone call could take a huge hit on the battery as well.

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