As holiday shopping starts to get into full swing, data firm Thinknum is out today with an interesting look at how the Apple TV 4K has soared in popularity over recent weeks. According to Thinknum’s data, which is based on Best Buy sales rank data, Apple TV is now a close second to the Amazon Fire TV Stick in terms of sales.

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The sales rank data shows that Amazon is the clear leader in 4K streaming devices, with the $34.99 Fire TV Stick 4K ranking first on the charts. Next on the list is the Apple TV 4K 32GB model, despite its significantly higher price point at $179.99. Rounding out the top three is the Roku Premiere 4K at $39.99.

Perhaps most interestingly, the Apple TV 4K has seen a dramatic spike in popularity over the last year, overtaking far more affordable devices from Roku and Google. The Apple TV has struggled to gain mainstream adoption due in large part to its high price tag, but since the introduction of the 4K model last year, things seem to be changing:

It wasn’t always this way — in fact, the Apple TV 4K has only been on the market for a little over a year. As the graph above shows, when zoomed out, the 4K race is has been a fluctuating affair. But now with the latest device revisions and 4K TV’s market penetration, it appears sales are learning in Apple’s direction.

Earlier today, a report suggested that Apple had “considered” launching a more affordable streaming stick to compete with the likes of Amazon and Roku. Further, offering an Apple TV-like experience in a more affordable package would help spur adoption of Apple’s upcoming streaming TV service.

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