With the introduction of the revamped Mac App Store on macOS Mojave, Apple had to remove some features along the way. Today, the company is adding app analytics for Mac App Store applications in App Store Connect.

Apple announced the change through its developer portal today.

Your app data from the new Mac App Store on macOS Mojave is now available in App Store Connect. Now you can find out how many times your app was seen on the Mac App Store, how many times your product page was viewed, and how many new customers downloaded your app. You can also see sales numbers for in-app purchases as well as for paying users, and more.

The new Mac App Store follows suit with last year’s iOS App Store refresh, heavily focused on curated content, better app categories, and a more streamlined design.

Apple’s Mac App Store has been struggling to gain traction since its inception. The company used the same approach as its iOS App Store, which meant apps were being sandboxed with restrictions on what can be developed for the platform.

On the macOS side, Apple hopes that the new redesign will push developers back into the Mac App Store instead of distributing software through other channels.

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