Grove Edible Chocolate iPhone case

PORTLAND, Ore. – (February 14, 2014) – Grove, a leading designer of handcrafted wooden tech accessories, partnered up with local chocolatier, Charley Wheelock of Woodblock Chocolate with the mission to make the best chocolate iPhone case. Made entirely in the Grove workshop, the iPhone 5/5s/5C cases are precision-milled from the solid blocks of dark chocolate. The fully functioning case is designed for a thin and sleek look, and carefully crafted to allow access to all connectors and ports. The case is then hand finished for a velvety, smooth touch.

This 6 month project led to the creation of a chocolate with more concentrated flavors and a higher melting temperature by eliminating emulsifiers, such as soy lecithin. The bean to bar chocolate, made from a premium single origin was specially optimized for Grove’s CNC machining.

Friends of the Grove team, husband and wife, Charley and Jessica Wheelock are proud to be a part of the American craft chocolate revolution. The family run, bean to bar manufactory in Portland, OR., is a direct result of hard work and a passion for chocolate.

“This was a great opportunity for us to team up with another locally owned business and combine our crafts to create something even Wonka would be envious of,” says Grove co-founder Ken Tomita. “They’re not for sale, mainly because we can’t keep making them without gunking up our machines, but don’t worry, all the manufacturing waste is being recycled in our bellies.”

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