After months of waiting, and waking at 2:45am EST to be awake 15 minutes before preorders started, my watch has finally shipped out and will arrive to my home tomorrow.

I was relatively unhappy with the time it was taking for my watch to ship, as ever since the day I ordered it I saw the shipping estimate being June. I was watching my Apple order status page like a hawk, as well as my email and messages. I will admit, I was paranoid with all the news of watches being delivered super early. But I never heard anything about this model. I searched on Duck Duck Go “When will my Apple Watch arrive?) and (unsurprisingly) someone created a website for just that. So I entered my info and it said my watch would  be here in the next 5 days. I was so excited. Then when I checked 5 days later, after my watch failed to arrive, the website claimed my watch would be here in 5 more days. So every day I checked it said 5 days later. So I gave up with that website.. Then I heard of the 38mm Space Black watch being shipped out from 9to5Mac  and I immediately checked my Apple status page, but sadly no change.

After what became 2 months of waiting, and multiple calls with the Apple Watch Edition team (yes I ordered one of those as well), yesterday I received an update that my watch should be delivered from the 22-26th of June. I was ecstatic. Then I was charged… (lets just say $1,099 isn’t a super cheap price). So I was like: “Hey! Now that I was charged it must have shipped, right?” Nope. I was still wrong. This was the blade of the guillotine striking the neck for me. Out of desperation, I woke up this morning and checked my page one last time, promising myself not to check again and to just wait for my surprise (obviously I was lying to myself there), my watch said shipped. I cannot remember the last time I was so happy! (Okay, a bit much I know, but I have to be a little dramatic…)

Anyways, keep on checking your order statuses guys! Your watches should be here shortly!

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