Roku or Apple TV?

Roku and Apple TV are the two most recommendable streaming-media boxes on the market, but choosing between them can be tough.

The Roku video player is a tiny box that connects to your television and allows you to stream video content from the Internet. It’s one of Apple TV’s direct competitors, but with an entry-level model starting at $49.99, it costs only half as much. Purchasing a Roku is a great way to stream Netflix, Hulu, and video content from dozens of other providers to your television. It’s also a popular choice among Apple users.

Roku can not work with iTunes movies or TV Shows

Like the Apple TV, a Roku can also stream movies, television shows, and music stored on your Mac. Except for any movies or television shows downloaded from iTunes.

Note: Plex does not work with movies or television shows purchased or rented from the iTunes Store either.

How to Stream iTunes Movies and TV Shows On Roku like Apple TV does?

A tool named NoteBurner [Official site ] is what you need. Detailed tutorial can be found from


Tips: It works both for Mac users and Windows users.

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