Can you reset an Apple Watch Workout?

Recently I took my dog on a walk. After walking a few blocks I was surprised to feel a vibrate on my wrist that usually notifies me that I have gone a mile. When I looked at my watch it said that I had in fact traveled 6,109 miles. After the 45 minute walk (my guess would have been 2.5 miles) it said I traveled a full 6,112.32 miles! We averaged 8,000 miles an hour! Must have been my dog dragging me along. I’m not THAT fast of a walker.

Needless to say I don’t think I will ever surpass that workout. When I open another walking session it suggests that distance as my goal. Big standards to live up to!

Is there any way to reset an individual workout with the Apple Watch? I don’t want to reset all of my workouts since all of my others have made my watch “learn” my workout patterns.

Maybe I am more of a superhero than I thought…


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