Will you manage to find your winning strategy to match all the cards?

Will you be able to overcome all the impossible challenges?

If you like solitaire or go mad for puzzle game, Cardy is the perfect game for you!.

A new original game with a contagious dynamic.

Distribute the cards, find your winning scheme to match them and pair them up.

Put all your abilities into play!

Three different game modes are available:

– Classic: train your skills by trying to pass all the levels!

– Jocker: a last-ditch challenge against the terrible Jocker!

– Coins: earn coins in a race against time!

Cardy is a universal app for iPhone, iPod e iPad, and support iOS 6.0 or later.

Have fun!

LINK CARDY                                  www.makeitapp.eu/apps/cardy-2/

LINK APPLE STORE                       itunes.apple.com/app/us/id927455435

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