Ok, so there’s nothing actually wrong with using an iPad to take photos per se (I’ve even done it myself), but there are definitely some places you shouldn’t do it. A GIF uploaded to Imgur suggests one more place to add to the list: when getting up close and personal with dolphins (who seem to be quite amused with themselves).

Some suggest dolphins may actually be more intelligent than humans, and this GIF does perhaps provide some evidence of this …

Update: Found the original video from Fox 13 below:

Over the weekend, video caught by another park goer shows a dolphin reaching up and out of a swim tank and snagging a woman’s iPad right out of her hands. As if that wasn’t unusual enough, the dolphin appeared to swim around jubilantly afterward.

The video was shot by Kuadiel Gomez, a season pass holder from Wesley Chapel. He told FOX 13 his family visits the park often and they have never witnessed anything like that before.They were at the dolphin viewing tank over the weekend and it happened when they were allowing people to touch the dolphins. “That dolphin just lunged and reached the lady, which was unbelievable,” said Gomez.

There’s no word on the fate of the iPad.”As you can see, the dolphins can reach your loose items,” a SeaWorld worker is heard on video saying.

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