Dear 9to5Mac Community, In response to overwhelming demand, and on the insistence of our feline overlords, Brightkey is launching KittyKey – the world’s first cat-themed utility – that includes 5 amazing functions in a single app:

The Purrfect Keyboard: 10 designer cat keyboard themes inspired by our favorite furry friends! Includes Auto-correct, prediction, and awesome spacebar cursor control (it’s really responsive, and the cursor control feature is amazing!).

Sassy Cat Sounds as you type: 12 different sounds including purr, meow, hiss, and even roar make typing fun! Switch back to the regular keyboard click sound at any time.

Kitty Chat Stickers: Over 50 super-cute, original Kitty Chat Stickers to send in messages, emails, and most social apps! They are SO Fun! Whatever you want to say, there’s a cat for that!

Cat Kaomoji (Text Art): We love Japanese Kaomoji but hate how hard they are to type.  Now you can quickly insert Cat Kaomoji without having to remember!

Jumbo Cat Emoji: for when small cat emoji just won’t do, just a paw click away! KittyKey is THE ULTIMATE APP FOR CAT LOVERS everywhere and THE MOST FUN you’ll ever have with your iPhone keyboard. And it’s a pretty amazing typing tool too! KittyKey was developed by the makers of the Brightkey keyboard, which has a higher user rating than Swipe and Swiftkey, and has been featured in BGR, Gizmodo, FastCo Design, Design Milk, Apartment Therapy, and many other publications worldwide!

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