Following a successful launch on the French speaking market, A-Shirt is announcing their launch on the worldwide market and is inviting all Apple fans to join the club and show their passion for Steve Job’s Company by wearing exclusive one-of-a-kind Apple inspired t-shirts.

A-shirt releases 6 series of t-shirts every year. Each series is created once and rolled out to A-Shirt members every 2 months. To ensure that each t-shirt series is a master piece, A-shirt invites designers who have, just as our members, a real passion for Apple and let them work their magic and create Apple inspired designs that have never been done before.

A-Shirt offers 2 packages, The “Just Addicted” plan is the regular package plan where members receive 6 t-shirts annually at a price of $49 per t-shirt, billed at the beginning of each production cycle.

Members who join the yearly “Mega Addicted” plan receive 6 t-shirts plus one “Signature”  A-shirt. As a bonus, they also get the ‘One More Thing’ extra with each A-shirt sent. The “Mega Addicted” plan is billed yearly for $299.

Both packages include worldwide shipping.

>> Special launch offer : Get your first A-shirt for $29.- or become a yearly member for $249.-, join the club before the 28th of February and get your first A-shirt in March <<

Paul Foguenne, an Apple addict from Belgium and proud A-shirt members states; “The cut of my first “Signature” A-shirt is perfect, and with the thickness and softness of the cotton, it is extremely comfortable. I love the choice of the design that will only talk to the real Apple addicts. All in all, my a-shirt is perfect to relax in the week-end but adapted for my days of work when I need a versatile but comfortable attire”

A-shirts are more than just t-shirts. They are an expandable piece of art that goes beyond its physical state. You can get access to insights and exclusive content by scanning the Qr code printed on your shirt with your iPhone. This virtual extension offers access to the behind the scenes creation of that particular piece. It also gives members insight into the design process, the type of cotton that was used and how to care for their A-shirts. It accomplishes all of the above while simultaneously doing away with the need for that uncomfortable, unreadable, itchy tag that all t-shirts had up to this point.

A-Shirt uses the highest quality cotton for the production of these t-shirts. We provide our members top quality t-shirts to ensure that they don’t wear out and tear off and are also comfortable to wear. We believe wearable art is nothing without quality materials. For this reason our shirts are entirely crafted in Peru and made from selected fine Peruvian cotton that gives A-shirts a unique finish.

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