We’re expecting this year’s going to be another ‘S’ upgrade year for the iPhone, and a bunch of recent leaks suggest what we’ve heard so far is on track. It’s not much, but a bunch of minor parts destined for an iPhone 6S assembly line have showed up.

We have the metal camera surround which will, once more, protrude slightly from the back of the smartphone.


Perhaps a little more interesting is the alleged new flex connecting the volume buttons, power/sleep key and camera components. In the iPhone 6 these parts were connected to the logic board using two separate flexes. One had the volume and mute switches while the other had the camera, flash and power button. In this leak, all components are connected by a single flex.

This part was photographed alongside the new power flex which houses the Lightning connector, speaker and microphone.


Nothing entirely surprising here. Apple is well-known for slightly adapting internal parts between upgrades to make them easier to assemble. This is just another example of that evolution.

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