We appreciate good craft beer here at Contentful. When Apple Watch finally has come out, we decided to address our affection on this new device. We’ve built Brew an Apple Watch app which helps find craft beer pubs nearby. Simply speaking, it’s a Foursquare for craft beer places.

It’s perfectly simple and it does one job: it shows places where beer geeks can enjoy decent IPAs, double IPAs, hoppy stouts and other peculiar crafts prepared by microbreweries from across the world, from Norway to United States.

Launch the app, see the list of the pubs nearby, select the one with the most appealing name, see its offerings, address, opening hours and photographs. Certainly, the app is integrated with maps, so proper directions to the pub are one tap away. Currently the app knows about hops in Berlin, San Francisco and New York. In case you don’t onw an Apple watch just yet, you can have a look at the video.

Contentful, the Apple Watch CMS

brew app screenshots

brew app screenshots

Naturally, this is not a Foursquare competitor. The Brew app is more on the experimental side. Yes, you can look up craft pubs, but most importantly it illustrates how well Contentful performs when it comes to multi-device publishing.

The content in the app – all the information about the pubs – is stored in Contentful, and the app gets the data with a handful of API requests. As Contentful was built API-first from the start, we didn’t have to build a special CMS to support an Apple Watch app. The CMS is already there, the API is already there – just send a few HTTP requests to your backend, and the content would appear, regardless the medium.

Under the hood

For developers who are curious how this thing actually works, we’ve published the source code for this app on GitHub. Also, we’d like to remind that there is an SDK for developing Contentful-backend iOS apps readily available.

In December we’ve published a detailed post on how the app was built which might be useful for Apple Watch app developers.

A variation of this post was originally published on the Contentful blog.

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