New Apple Comic on Kickstarter

Have you ever had a funny situation with your Apple products? Have you ever had to laugh at other Apple fans or other companies? This comic is perfect for anyone who loves Apple and loves to laugh. It shows the rivalry in the world of technology and the peculiarities of Apple fans in a funny way (self-irony is a must!). This digital comic includes shorter and longer sketches, funny quizzes and interesting facts. The comic is in the making and every picture will be drawn with love, so it is very ornate. The style of this comic is simple and funny. The comic does not take itself too serious and should not be taken as an insult to anyone. Many of the sketches shown in the comic are based on true stories and experiences.

As a supporter, you can get great rewards. Get the comic in a special version (only available on Kickstarter) for 5$. You can also get your name or even your face on the cover. If you ever wanted a personal comic sketch of you and your favorite Apple product (or a story you invented) drawn just for you, this is your chance!

“Fun with Apples” is the first comic of its kind and will combine funny sketches with informative content. Furthermore, the finished book will include many surprises.

I´d love to show you a few pictures of the comic but you can see some examples on Kickstarter.

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