Opinion : Podcasts and iTunes

Now, I have been an iTunes user for years even before the original iPhone in 2007. iTunes used to be great; it was a forward thinking software thats was bringing all your medias in one coherent place. In short, it was one pf the best medias powerhouse software available. The recents years have seen Netflix, Spotify and others became widely used changing the model for digital media consumption. Apple realized it and released Apple Music. One of the great and underrated features iTunes has, in my opinion, is the Podcast. With the likes of Youtube the on-demand videos that do not fit into the movie or tv show category are basically confined to mainly Youtube and others due to the monetization options. One thing, I would like and could see Apple do in the future is to change Podcast and iTunes bringing it again to the the forefront of digital medias.

Podcast are ok. It’s a nice way to have a feed of video and audio tracks and a great way to save them for later, but the category as not evolved much in the past years due to restricted and hard monetization scheme. I would like to see Apple take the category and change it. Keep the name and bring iAd to podcasts for the content producers to make money. It would bring more content providers on the platform. Change the UI with better categories and navigation, as well as bringing a ad free version for paying iCloud users or something. Make apps for the other mobile platforms in the end of getting a bigger reach, a share of the market and to bring them into the desktop iTunes for ultimately bringing them into the Apple ecosystem.

Movies are expensive and Netflix as shown the industry what consumer wants. Apple should definitely create a on-demand service for video leveraging the reach they have with the extensive iTunes movie and tv show catalog. Bringing a paid scheme as Apple Music could make it great. $15/month per user or $25/month up to six user for example and offering all the catalog and lets says Podcast ad free for the family with that. That would bring iTunes back to a media powerhouse status and bring extra income to Apple.

I know they are some big farfetched idea, but what if it would happen. What are your thoughts?


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