[SOLVED] Why Apple bought Beats?

Shayan Seyedi Twitter: @ShayanSeyedi 12/10/2014 – 9:20 PM GMT 3+

Why Apple was interested to buy Beats? Why they want to engage themselves in speakers and headphones?

These questions were in my mind after the official announcement. I couldn’t convince myself with Apple Senior VP words. but today I solved this puzzle. 

Back in 2012, When Apple introduced “Macbook Pro with Retina Display”, they omit Ethernet and FireWire 800 ports and SuperDrive. these ports was a limit level for Apple to lower the device thickness and weight, So simply they just removed those ports and made a new standard called “Thunderbolt”.  

Since the invention of smartphones, manufacturers are in battle to make thinner and lighter smartphones. But wait a second! what is the limit for them!? how much they can go further? Keep in mind
Audio jacks are still consuming at least 3.5 mm of the total thickness!

This week a Chinese startup claimed the title of thinnest smartphone in the world.Vivo’s new smartphone measures 4.75mm thin & it’s so skinny it can’t even fit a standard headphone jack, while Apple’s iPhone 6 is 6.9mm.
Apple to be able go beyond limits in the next iPhone designing, they have to remove audio jack from it. this is the only way to make a lighter and thinner device. but they need a solution! they can’t just remove the audio jack without finding a right solution.
Now here is why Beats acquisition by Apple makes sense! Apple wants to make a new standard for itself in wireless audio industry via Beats brand power. I assume that the next major change in the next iPhone (6S/6+S) is omitting the audio jack without reducing the device thickness. I’m not sure if Apple wants to use Bluetooth 4.1 or inventing a whole new low energy consuming wireless technology but I’m sure the next Earpod will be wireless.

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