21 years after the debut of Microsoft Exchange, 14 years after iTools, and a decade after Google’s GMail with cloud contacts, you’d be forgiven for assuming that contact syncing is a solved problem — but you’d be wrong.

Here’s a very short video that depicts a very simple task: creating a new contact in a Mac running Mavericks. Thanks to the magic of iCloud syncing, we can see that new contact sync to iCloud in real time … and observe that Apple’s cloud data syncing center isn’t quite up to the task. Specifically, if a contact’s address includes a second line, like this…

Johnny Appleseed 123 Main Street Apt. 456 San Francisco, CA 94111

… then iCloud drops this second line during the sync. Oddly, if a contact is created or updated within iCloud’s web interface (or on an iCloud-connected iOS device), that second line syncs successfully.

Confused? Take a look.

The issue may seem moot less than two weeks before Mavericks’ release, but with more than half of Mac users running this version of Apple’s desktop OS, and well over 300 million iCloud users, a major bug like this could spell a major headache for Cupertino.

Have you experienced this bug in the wild? What are your thoughts?

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