Where is my Apple Watch Sport?

I placed this order at 8:03am (8:01am) was the official time here in the UK that the Apple shop app came back on.

I have seen on YT that people in the UK have already received theirs and they had delivery dates for June.  WTF is Apple playing at? What happened to shipping orders based on “first come, first served” basis?

Im sick to death of checking the app to see if the shipping status has changed.  At this rate when it does finally arrive i won’t want it.

As of today (Sunday April 26 at 8:42pm (UK) its still “Processing Items”.

Really Apple, you need to fire your pre-order teams.  I would have rather queued up for 9 hours at a store for it like i did with the iPhone 5 many many moons ago.

Rant over.

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