2011 MacBook Pro GPU Stories July 18, 2018

With major new product launches, Apple typically seeds review units to friendly sites ahead of time, with an embargo ensuring that all the reviews land at the same time.

With the 2018 MacBook Pro refresh being more of an iterative update, the company hasn’t done that this time around, so we’re seeing a drip-feed of reviews. But there are now enough out to get a good sense of how the new machine is being received …

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2011 MacBook Pro GPU Stories October 17, 2014


Update: Repair Extension Program…

Long-standing complaints that the 2011 MacBook Pro suffered from a manufacturing fault resulting in GPU glitches and failures don’t appear to be going away, as an online petition calling for Apple to fix or replace affected machines reaches more than 18,000 signatures.

To: Timothy D. Cook, Apple Inc Craig Federighi (Apple Inc) (Apple Inc), Apple Inc

Replace or Fix All 2011 Macbook Pro with Graphics Failure

The petition notes the premium spent to buy Apple laptops, and says that Apple’s only response to date has been to ask owners to pay for an extremely expensive logic board replacement …  expand full story

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