Bug Fix Stories September 18, 2015

Is your iPhone or iPad stuck on ‘Slide to Upgrade’ after updating to iOS 9? Here’s the fix (update: iOS 9.0.1 now available)

Update 2: Apple has now released iOS 9.0.1 which — according to Apple — fixes the stuck ‘Slide to Upgrade’ problem for good.

Update: Apple has now added more steps to try and get your iPhone unfrozen …

Apple’s iOS 9 release went pretty smoothly all things considered, apart from initial server glitches and some performance issues on older devices. There was one big bug however, affecting a lot of people. After updating, the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch would freeze or get stuck on the ‘Slide to Upgrade’ screen. There was seemingly no way to get around it. Apple has now acknowledged the issue and published a fix … here’s the solution:

Bug Fix Stories August 29, 2013


Apple has informed AppleCare representatives and Apple Retail that it has updated the Safari web browser’s built-in plugin blocker to disable older versions of Oracle’s Java 6 and 7 software.

In recent days, a new Java vulnerability was discovered. The latest issue is described on the National Vulnerability Database:

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