Compaq Stories October 31, 2011

Mac OS 10.8 users already doing external testing

Mac OS 10.8 testers both inside Apple’s HQ and in the surrounding area of Silicon Valley have been spotted in Web Logs by MacRumors. Indeed, looking at our own logs (above), 10.8 users have been hitting our servers since mid-August, though only in numbers that probably could have been faked. More recently, however, 10.8 testing […]

Compaq Stories October 23, 2011

Former Compaq Chairman, and current Mac user, reveals that Jobs asked Compaq to license the Mac OS in 1999

[youtube=] Among other interesting tidbits on Steve Jobs, technology investment pioneer Ben Rosen reveals that the new Apple CEO invited the then Compaq Chairman and CEO to Silicon Valley in 1999 to inquire about licensing Mac OS X: After we finished with the amenities and reminiscences, we got to the purpose of the meeting. Steve […]

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