Corellium Stories May 5, 2020

Apple’s lawsuit against virtualization company Corellium has taken a surprising turn, as the Department of Justice claims that photos Apple wants to introduce into evidence may have ‘national security concerns.’

The DOJ wants Apple to hand over the photos before introducing them into evidence so that it can examine them before deciding whether the government has an interest in the case …

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Corellium Stories December 30, 2019

The intensity of the lawsuit that Apple has filed against software virtualization company Corellium has reached another level as the latter’s CEO says a recent DMCA from Apple claims that it is “engaging in trafficking” and that Apple is trying to set a precedent to “eliminate public jailbreaks.” Corellium CEO Amanda Gorton has penned an open letter expressing her belief that “Apple’s latest filing against Corellium should give all security researchers, app developers, and jailbreakers reason to be concerned.”

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Corellium Stories August 15, 2019

Apple has filed a lawsuit today against virtualization company Corellium. For those unfamiliar, Corellium allows users to virtualize iOS, pitching it as a research tool for security experts. Apple, however, says Corellium’s “true goal is profiting off its blatant infringement.”

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