Find My Diary Stories May 9, 2021

Trying the VanMoof S3 electric bicycle for a couple of weeks gave me the chance to put one of my theories to the test.

Attaching a dedicated tracking device to an item is merely an interim solution. The long-term approach is for companies to embed Find My tech directly into their own products …

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Find My Diary Stories April 30, 2021

I took delivery of my shiny new, and unusually cheap, new toys from Apple this morning. First impressions of AirTag are very good indeed – accessories, less so.

I’d ordered two four-packs, for five bags, keys, a videography rig, and a bicycle. On the accessory side, I opted for Apple’s keyring plus one baggage tag …

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Find My Diary Stories April 22, 2021

I’m going to be ordering AirTags, as they are looking like the best implementation yet of a small tracking device to keep tabs on our possessions. I will, though, likely go easy on the accessories: I think I’m going to be using velcro tape as my primary means of attaching them.

But, as nice as they appear to be, AirTags are, in my opinion, actually the least-exciting part of this new Find My approach…

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