GOG.com Stories January 24, 2013

GOG adds 10 classic titles to Mac catalog including Fallout 2, Alpha Centauri, and Postal 2

In October 2012, online game retailer GOG.com announced it would bring a large portion of its classic game catalog to Macs starting with more than 50 titles. It has since added many more titles for Mac gamers, and it today announced the addition of 10 new Mac games including popular titles like Fallout 2, Sid Meier’s Colonization, and Postal 2.

This grouping of games has award-winning titles in practically every genre. For strategy games we see the works of industry legend Sid Meier’s in Alpha Centauri, and the hard to find expansion pack “Alien Crossfire”, as well as Sid Meier’s Colonization. Conquest of the New World, a historical strategy sim, is also added in today’s release. For fans of pulse-pounding action,Freespace, Terminal Velocity, and the controversial Postal 2 are sure to delight, while RPG lovers are well taken care of, with Fallout 2and Ultima 7 now fully supported for Mac operating systems.

A full list of new games is below:

GOG.com, the digital distributor of the best games in history for both PC and MAC, has added Alpha Centauri and the Alien Crossfire expansion,Fallout 2, Legend of Grimrock, Sid Meier’s Colonization, Postal 2, Ultima 7, Freespace 1,Terminal Velocity, Conquest of the New World, and the Blackwell Bundle are now officially supported by GOG.com, bringing the total of Mac games to just shy of 100.

GOG.com Stories October 18, 2012

GOG.com brings classic PC game catalog to Macs with over 50 titles and counting


Online game retailer GOG.com announced today it is bringing a large portion of its classic game catalog to Macs starting with over 50 titles. The company said half of those games would see their first release ever on OS X today. To celebrate the launch, GOG is offering The Witcher 2 at 25 percent off and is promising to release one or more new Mac titles per week in the future. There are also a number of games available for 50 percent off or free:

The Witcher Enhanced Edition, Crusader: No Remorse, Theme Hospital, Little Big Adventure, Postal Classic and Uncut, and Simcity 2000 are all available for 50% off–that’s as little as $2.99 for the best games in history until Thursday, October 25…  The 8 free games for Mac gamers include retro-cool point-and-click adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky, action-packed top-down shooter Tyrian 2000, legendary RPG Ultima IV, and multiplayer FPS Warsow, among others.

The company’s full press release is below:


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