Possible move to A7 chip/Touch ID will boost appeal of iPad in the enterprise sector, says analyst

Deutsche Bank’s┬áChris Whitmore argues in an investment note that Apple’s expected use of the 64-bit A7 chip will make the iPad a much more appealing proposition for the enterprise market.

Enhanced security & 64-bit architecture should drive enterprise penetration We believe enhanced security functionality on iOS hardware is likely to drive greater enterprise penetration over time (e.g. fingerprint and password authentication). In addition, moving to a 64-bit architecture is important to enterprise for several reasons. First, it ‘future proofs’ App development and protects investment for the migration to 64-bit computing over time. In short, enabling 64bit allows enterprises to build custom apps for iPads with greatly reduced obsolescence risk.

It should be noted, however, that one part of his equation – the Touch ID fingerprint sensor – may or may not make it into the iPad 5. We’ve heard conflicting rumors about this, claimed parts showing that appear to be the sensor in an iPad 5 casing on the one hand, with others claiming that Apple wants to retain Touch ID as a unique feature of the iPhone 5s for now.

The iPad has long been popular in the enterprise market, among large and small businesses alike, with Apple having made substantial in-roads into the sector. With the launch of iOS 7, Apple intensified its marketing efforts to businesses. If Whitmore is right that the A7 chip will add to demand, there will be some pleased-looking faces in Apple’s board-room and some worried-looking ones in Intel’s.