iPad Stand Stories March 4, 2016

Review: Zand, the stand that makes using the iPad at a desk comfortable

The Zand is a desktop stand designed to be used with the iPad. It is constructed out of brushed aluminum. To use the stand, there’s no adhesives, clamps or hooks used to make the device stick to it. Instead it uses nanoparticle adsorption to keep the iPad in place.

The base of the stand lifts the iPad a couple of inches off of the desk, so that it sits slightly higher at eye level, which makes it easy to see. The base mimics the look and feel (texture wise, obviously it’s a lot lighter at 8.5 oz) of the base of the iMac.

Just like the base of the iMac, there’s a hole on the back for the Lightning cable. Most of the time, I used the Zand in the upright mode so I was able to use Duet Display (review here) on my iPad mini and MacBook Air.

While using the iPad on the Zand, at first I was skeptical about how well the iPad would stay on.

iPad Stand Stories November 2, 2015


Update: The TStand is now available from tstand.com

It’s the very definition of a first world problem: you’re lazing on the couch watching Netflix on your iPad, your arms get tired from holding it and your attempts to balance it on your knees have not been overly successful. It’s this issue that led industrial designer Sean Kieley to develop the TStand.

It’s a Kickstarter project, but has already tripled the modest $10k goal needed to hit bulk order requirements, so you should be able to be confident of receiving one if you back the project …

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iPad Stand Stories April 23, 2015

Review: Lynktec’s 360° Tablet Kickstand adds the pop-out stand your iPad really needs

Omitting an integrated stand was a critical decision when Apple designed the first iPad: it eliminated the thickness, moving parts, and weight that the feature would certainly have required. But stand functionality was obviously needed, so Apple built one into the lid of the very first iPad case, then evolved it into Smart Covers and folio-style Smart Cases. ZeroChroma and several other companies subsequently built stands into the backs of lid-free iPad cases, but most of the other great iPad stands out there are standalone — meant to sit around waiting for your iPad to return.

Lynktec’s 360° Tablet Kickstand ($40, aka Grip Stand) is designed for people who want a “take it everywhere” stand that works with any iPad. Made from solid aluminum and black plastic, it uses a residue-free adhesive pad to attach to the back of a bare or encased iPad, folding down and rotating for easy storage. If you don’t already have a case with a built-in stand, this may be your next best option…

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