Netgear announces 5G 802.11ac Wi-Fi router, speeds to 1.3Gbps!

We’ve talked about next-generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi that will be able to deliver Gigabyte Ethernet type speeds to your wireless devices.

The chips, also called “5G Wi-Fi” by Broadcom, do not correlate with 3G and 4G cellphone networks. The BCM4360, BCM4352, BCM43526 and BCM43516 chips improve Wi-Fi’s range and are significantly more efficient. Perhaps, the most tantalizing aspect is that the 5GHz-based technology has speeds beyond 1Gbps and is currently in the high-end range of consumer Ethernet.

Apple currently uses Broadcom Wi-Fi Chips in its Mac line and in its iOS devices, including iPad and iPods.  The latest MacBook Airs have the Broadcom BCM4322 Intensi-fi® Single-Chip 802.11n Wi-Fi Transceiver.  Maybe we will see something a little faster later this year…

Broadcom, the supplier of the first chips to support 5G Gig Wi-Fi, is not just the chip supplier for all of Apple’s iOS devices and Macs, it also provides chips to outfits like Netgear, which today announced the first 802.11AC Wi-Fi router that will be sold next month for a retail price of $199.

The R6300 will be backwardly compatible with N Wi-Fi and will be as future proof as you can get when it goes on sale next month. One has to wonder exactly how long Apple fans will have to wait in order to get this tech in their Macs. Remember…Apple was one of the first to the Wi-Fi Party with its AirPort, released in the late 1990s, and it is always near the front when it comes to Wi-Fi technology.

Press release follows: