swap Stories August 10, 2015


When I wrote a series of How-To guides showing how easy it was to swap old Mac hard disks for new solid state drives (SSDs), I focused on raw upgrades — slow mechanical drives for fast chip-based ones. The reason was simple: put an SSD in your Mac instead of the old hard disk, and you’ll be blown away by the speed increases. But as several readers have noted, there is another way to add an SSD to your Mac: you can keep your old hard drive, and instead replace the Mac’s CD/DVD optical drive, also known as a SuperDrive.

Swapping a SuperDrive for an SSD has a mix of pros and cons. It’s typically a little easier and less expensive to replace the SuperDrive than a stock hard drive, and you’ll always wind up with more internal storage than you started with. But you also lose CD/DVD reading and writing abilities — things fewer people care about these days — and you’ll need to set up your Mac to properly take advantage of the SSD. Read on for the details…

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swap Stories August 16, 2013

Apple third-party USB adapter trade-in program launches globally, discount prices listed

Apple has updated its third-party USB adapter trade-in program page to note that the program is worldwide. Apple originally only noted support for the program in China and the United States.

The company then updated the page to share that customers in Australia ($14 AUD), Canada ($11 CAD), France (10 €), Germany (10 €), Japan (¥1,000), and the United Kingdom (10 €) are eligible as well.

Now that the program has officially begun, Apple has providing special discount pricing for official Apple USB charging adapters for several more countries (shown above). Not all of the countries have official Apple Retail Stores, but the program will take place at select authorized resellers as well.

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