Tom Gruber Stories August 21, 2017

Apple’s AI expert, Tom Gruber, delivered a TED talk back in April extolling the benefits that AI may provide for us in the years to come. The video of the onstage presentation has now been released and gives us a better glimpse into the future Gruber imagines. His presentation focuses on what he calls “humanistic AI”, the belief that when machines get smarter, so will we.

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Tom Gruber Stories April 25, 2017

Eddie Cue, Tom Gruber, Alex Acero, Craig Federighi

Eddy Cue, Tom Gruber, Alex Acero, Craig Federighi

Tom Gruber, AI expert at Apple, delivered a talk at TED 2017 today to share his thoughts on the future power of computing. According to Axios, Tom Gruber declared that computing should be “used to augment human failings, such as memory.”

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