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Microsoft’s attempts to mimic Apple’s retail success are obvious with the Redmond-based company’s habit of opening a shop right across the hall/street. Not just the location, but the interiors of Microsoft’s retail locations also often borrow from Apple. They feature long wooden harvest tables displaying devices, an Answer Desk instead of Genius Bar, and an overall clean industrial aesthetic. Now, Verizon plans to take inspirations from Apple to improve its retail store experience with the introduction of the “Evolution 2.0” concept store this morning in Toms River, N.J. (via PocketNow).

There’s no mention of a Genius Bar or Answer Desk, but the store will hold workshops and staff 21 full time employees in a 3,100 square foot sales space that is undeniably taking a cue from Apple’s retail store designs. Expect Verizon to roll out the new store design if the one concept store receives positive feedback. In case you are wondering what the store looked like before the renovations, head past the break for the before shot.

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