concept Stories October 4

Apple has been investing more in sports content recently. This year, the company made a deal with Major League Baseball to broadcast games every Friday on Apple TV+. As rumors suggest that this is just the beginning, designer Parker Ortolani has made a concept imagining a dedicated Apple Sports app for iOS and watchOS.

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concept Stories June 25

With the first batch of M2 Macs being released, it could be just a matter of time until Apple unveils a new M2 iMac. After the most critical redesign for the line in years with the M1 iMac in 2021, it’s time to wonder what its successor will look like – and a concept imagines just that.

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concept Stories April 25

For some weird reason, there are still some native iOS apps missing on the iPad – like the Calculator and the Weather apps. While there are no hints that the iPad will finally get a Weather app this year with the upcoming iPadOS 16, this new concept shows exactly how the app should look on the big screen.

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concept Stories January 20

Phone calls are usually annoying and most people try not to answer, rather than picking up a random caller. With iMessage and many social networks, why would someone try to reach you with a call? With that in mind, a designer created a concept to improve a renegade feature in our everyday life.

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concept Stories August 14, 2021

Rumors suggest that Apple will ditch the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar in its new entry. While we still have to wait and see whether this will happen, a new concept imagines the Touch Bar replaced as an Apple Pencil case inside the computer.

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concept Stories June 22, 2021

We’re only three or four months away from the announcement of the next generation iPhone, but rumors already give us an idea of what to expect from Apple’s new smartphones in 2021. Based on everything leaked so far, ConceptCreator together with LetsGoDigital have created beautiful 3D renders of what the iPhone 13 Pro will look like.

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concept Stories June 21, 2021

Apple makes beautiful videos to unveil its new products on stage these days, but that wasn’t always the case. Due to the limitations of technology, products like the Original Macintosh never had a super 3D introduction — although the “1984” ad is quite emblematic. Now Thibaut Crepelle has created a video to show what the Macintosh introduction would look like in 2021.

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concept Stories June 5, 2021

Concept imagines how Apple could finally bring the Calculator app to the iPad

As we are a few days away from WWDC 2021, one of the top things iPadOS users would want is a Calculator app. Here’s a concept that imagines the app as a widget in the Control Center.

concept Stories May 31, 2021

While Apple works on the next-gen Mac Pro, a new concept imagines what a redesigned and improved mouse might look like to go along with it. The “Apple Pro Mouse” features a reversible design, improved ergonomics, “Taptic Sidebar” for custom gestures, and even the ability to use it while charging!

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concept Stories May 24, 2021

iPhone SE is Apple’s most affordable smartphone, and to achieve this, the company always makes some compromises — like not adopting the latest and greatest technologies. However, there is a rumor suggesting that the iPhone SE will get a redesign with a hole-punch front camera by 2023, and Apple Lab has created a concept showing just that.

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concept Stories April 19, 2021

We’ve seen multiple concepts of a new iMac as rumors have been suggesting that Apple is expected to introduce a redesigned model of its all-in-one computer this year. While reports indicate that the new iMac will have a design similar to the Pro Display XDR and will also be available in more colors, this new concept from ConceptsiPhone and Khahn Design shows just that.

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concept Stories November 16, 2020

We’ve all been waiting for a redesigned iMac for a long time, but unfortunately, there are no clues as to when Apple will announce it or what this iMac will look like. Meanwhile, Khahn Design has created a beautiful concept of a new iMac Pro inspired by Apple’s Pro Display XDR.

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concept Stories October 28, 2020

Amid suggestions that Apple is investigating the possibility of building its own search engine to rival Google, a new concept today images what an all-in-one Apple Services Hub might look like on the web. Through this hub, you’d be able to access all of your Apple ID services, as well as Siri Search on the web.

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concept Stories September 2, 2020

We’ve been hearing rumors about the redesigned fourth generation iPad Air with an edge-to-edge display for a while, and Bloomberg confirmed this week that the new iPad Air will be introduced this fall. While we’re not entirely sure if the new iPad Air will follow exactly the same design adopted by the 2018 and 2020 iPad Pro models, Svetapple has created a concept to demonstrate just that.

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concept Stories August 18, 2020

We’re expecting the announcement of four new iPhones this year, including two models that will replace the regular iPhone 11. While we still don’t know many details other than the iPhone 4-inspired design, Svetapple has created a concept to demonstrate the potential look of the new entry-level iPhone 12.

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concept Stories August 3, 2020

Apple is yet to introduce new iMac models this year, but they will likely have the same design as the current generation as the company is reportedly holding the redesigned version for next year with an Apple Silicon chip. However, this concept created by Daniel Bautista gives us an idea of how a redesigned iMac might look.

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concept Stories July 14, 2020

iPhone has featured the Health app since iOS 8, but the app has never been expanded to other devices in all those years. Although there are no rumors on the Health app being available on more platforms, developer and designer Jordan Singer has created a new concept that imagines a macOS version of the app.

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concept Stories June 29, 2020

We’ve heard many rumors about Apple’s new augmented reality headset, referred to as Apple Glasses, which are expected to be announced at some point in 2022. While the company won’t give us details about their upcoming projects, developer and designer Jordan Singer has created this new concept that imagines the Apple Glasses user interface inspired by iOS 14.

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concept Stories March 23, 2020

iMac concept imagines refresh with slim bezels and Pro Display XDR design

Signs are pointing to Apple releasing both an updated iMac and iMac Pro this year and we’ve got a look at a fun bit of eye candy with a new iMac concept. This imagining shows Apple bringing the Pro Display XDR aesthetic and even stand to the iMac.

concept Stories May 7, 2019

We’re expecting iOS 13 to bring some exciting improvements including a system-wide Dark Mode, a whole new way to multitask with detachable panels, and much more. Now, a concept imagines how iPad could benefit by bringing macOS’ Finder to iOS with external drive support, improved multitasking, and more.

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concept Stories April 30, 2019

Concept imagines foldable Mac/iPad device with mouse, touch, and Apple Pencil support

While Samsung’s Galaxy Fold wasn’t quite ready for market, it’s certainly created a lot of interest in the form factor for not only smartphones, but larger devices as well. Today, Luna Display has offered up an interesting concept for a Mac/iPad hybrid foldable with some flexible use cases.

concept Stories March 18, 2019

Amid the influx of foldable Android smartphones from the likes of Samsung and Huawei, several designers have attempted to imagine what a foldable iPhone might one day look like. Today, a new concept offers one of the most detailed looks yet at the ‘iPhone X Fold.”

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concept Stories February 1, 2019

iPod touch concept video imagines the overhauled design Apple should deliver, but probably won’t

Although the glory days of iPod are long over, rumors have stirred recently about a new 7th generation iPod touch. While we’ve yet to see any official hardware leaks, a new concept render video from ConceptsiPhone demonstrates the best possible (yet unlikely) scenario should a new iPod touch come to fruition.

concept Stories January 26, 2019

iPhone 11 concept hype continues as latest video offers more realistic vision of triple camera unit

Though the successors to iPhone XR, XS and XS Max are still about eight months away, the latest conceptual video to hit YouTube shows perhaps what’s the most realistic view at how Apple will implement the rumored triple camera unit set to debut this year.

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