concept Stories March 23

iMac concept imagines refresh with slim bezels and Pro Display XDR design

Signs are pointing to Apple releasing both an updated iMac and iMac Pro this year and we’ve got a look at a fun bit of eye candy with a new iMac concept. This imagining shows Apple bringing the Pro Display XDR aesthetic and even stand to the iMac.

concept Stories May 7, 2019

We’re expecting iOS 13 to bring some exciting improvements including a system-wide Dark Mode, a whole new way to multitask with detachable panels, and much more. Now, a concept imagines how iPad could benefit by bringing macOS’ Finder to iOS with external drive support, improved multitasking, and more.

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concept Stories April 30, 2019

Concept imagines foldable Mac/iPad device with mouse, touch, and Apple Pencil support

While Samsung’s Galaxy Fold wasn’t quite ready for market, it’s certainly created a lot of interest in the form factor for not only smartphones, but larger devices as well. Today, Luna Display has offered up an interesting concept for a Mac/iPad hybrid foldable with some flexible use cases.

concept Stories March 18, 2019

Amid the influx of foldable Android smartphones from the likes of Samsung and Huawei, several designers have attempted to imagine what a foldable iPhone might one day look like. Today, a new concept offers one of the most detailed looks yet at the ‘iPhone X Fold.”

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concept Stories February 1, 2019

iPod touch concept video imagines the overhauled design Apple should deliver, but probably won’t

Although the glory days of iPod are long over, rumors have stirred recently about a new 7th generation iPod touch. While we’ve yet to see any official hardware leaks, a new concept render video from ConceptsiPhone demonstrates the best possible (yet unlikely) scenario should a new iPod touch come to fruition.

concept Stories January 26, 2019

iPhone 11 concept hype continues as latest video offers more realistic vision of triple camera unit

Though the successors to iPhone XR, XS and XS Max are still about eight months away, the latest conceptual video to hit YouTube shows perhaps what’s the most realistic view at how Apple will implement the rumored triple camera unit set to debut this year.

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