Microsoft continues its ill-starred attempt to boost Apple retail sales through opening its own chain of ‘me-too- retail outlets, selling its vast array of Redmond-made software and PCs from third-parties.

The new battleground is in the famed Mall of America, (video after the jump)

where Apple retail store staff are now being flattered/annoyed by the construction of one of Microsoft’s retail stores directly across the road. Four such stores are open now.

Microsoft’s new store will be larger than the Apple store facing it (see image above) and will offer help and advice (including the fabulously derivative ‘Answer Bar’), product sales and a vast array of Microsoft software titles.

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One Response to “Microsoft retail attack on Apple reaches Mall of America”

  1. rafalb177 says:

    I see. That’s to warn people that hesitate. If they don’t want to buy quality stuff they may be flogged some Microsoft knock-off junk in their knock-off store.