Wristly Stories November 3, 2015

P&Q Apple Watch Pad & Quill's Classic Band (review), an attractive third-party Apple Watch band
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P&Q Apple Watch

Pad & Quill’s Classic Band (<a href="http://9to5mac.com/2015/08/24/review-pad-quill-classic-apple-watch-band/" target="_blank">review</a>), an attractive third-party Apple Watch band

Since the Apple Watch debuted earlier this year, Wristly has been tracking interesting user data around customer activity, satisfaction, and much more. The latest survey taken focuses primarily on Apple Watch bands by asking volunteer participants which band came with their Apple Watch at purchase, if they’ve already bought additional bands or plan to buy more, and even a question about the new Apple TV… expand full story

Wristly Stories August 25, 2015

Apple Watch Dark Sky

The results of a Wristly survey published today reveal a new look at Apple Watch behavior among early adopters and adds some insight into how many Apple Music users plan to subscribe after the 3-month free trial. The survey is the latest in a continuing series and captures responses from more than 1,300 people, Wristly says, marking its largest pool of participants yet. In it, Wristly shows what apps Apple Watch users are using most often, what type of apps they enjoy most on their wrist, plus how many participants also own an Apple TV. Also interesting is the crossover between Apple Watch users and interest in Apple Music. expand full story

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