Fantastical Stories February 8

Fantastical is releasing today its biggest update ever with new tools to schedule personal and work meetings, as well as an improved calendar view with a new option.

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Fantastical Stories October 26, 2021

Fantastical for Mac adds Shortcuts, time-sensitive notifications support, more

Fantastical has been updated to version 3.5 to coincide with the macOS Monterey release, and it’s bringing a lot of new features for Mac users.

Fantastical Stories September 21, 2021

Like so many other apps, Fantastical was just updated to take advantage of the features arriving with iOS 15. It features new XL widgets, time-sensitive notification support, and more. Plus, Flexibits is promoting everything new with its Cardhop application.

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Fantastical Stories May 25, 2021

Popular contacts management app Cardhop from Flexibits is out today with a big update. Version 2.0 of the slick app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac comes with widgets, business card scanning, a new “Relationships” feature, and more. And for Fantastical subscribers, Cardhop is now included for free.

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Fantastical Stories November 13, 2020

Fantastical is adding a variety of new features on the Mac alongside this week’s release of macOS Big Sur. Fantastical for Mac features an updated design to fit in with Big Sur’s new aesthetic, alongside widget support, Apple Silicon optimization, and more.

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Fantastical Stories September 23, 2020

Fantastical users can now take advantage of iOS 14 home screen widgets. A new update to the app today brings a wide array of home screen widget options, as well as support for new Apple Pencil features on iPad and more.

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Fantastical Stories August 11, 2020

The highly popular calendar app Fantastical by Flexibits has launched a family subscription. The new option lets up to 5 users take advantage of the rich calendar software across all Apple devices at an economical price.

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Fantastical Stories June 16, 2020

Fantastical is adding a variety of new features designed for people who have found themselves working from home recently. The popular calendar app now features conference call link detection, different calendars based on time of day, and more.

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Fantastical Stories April 1, 2020

The popular calendar app Fantastical has been updated today with cursor support for iPadOS 13.4 and a variety of other changes. This update comes after Fantastical was overhauled in January with a powerful new universal app and much more.

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Fantastical Stories January 29, 2020

Admit it, you’ve lost track of how many years it’s been since you paid for Fantastical. The answer could be as long ago as 2013, 2014, or 2015 for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, respectively. We’re talking over six years of free updates.

The new Fantastical is launching today on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch with a wealth of features that extend how you can use the smart calendar app. With the new version comes the core parts of Fantastical for free for the first time, feature benefits for existing customers, and loads of useful new features for subscribers.

Fantastical is also a universal app for the first time ever, not individual purchases on each platform. Read on to learn what the new Fantastical offers.

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Fantastical Stories October 3, 2018

Fantastical is one of the best calendar apps on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, and the latest version brings new features for iOS 12 and watchOS 5. Fantastical has also been optimized for the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, and the new update includes lots of customization options on the new Apple Watch Series 4.

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Fantastical Stories July 18, 2018

Flexibits is out with a big update to Fantastical for Mac today that includes lots of enhancements to the feature-packed calendar. Fantastical 2.5 brings integration with the event scheduling service Meetup․com, the ability to propose new times for events right from the calendar, and much more.

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Fantastical Stories February 1, 2017


Fantastical has a new update out today for iPhone and iPad that delivers new iOS 10 features and enhancements plus a brand new iMessage sticker pack for the Messages app. Aside from fun and cute, Fantastical’s sticker pack is actually useful for communicating schedule-related messages.

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Fantastical Stories September 19, 2016

Fantastical calendar app gains updated iOS 10-style widgets, watchOS 3 enhancements, more

Even if you love Apple’s built-in Calendar apps on iOS 10 and watchOS 3, Fantastical for iOS and watchOS is the best way to view a streamlined list view of both your upcoming appointments and scheduled reminders. I use both apps but Fantastical is my primary calendar (and you can sort of remove stock apps now).

Over the weekend, Fantastical for iOS was refreshed with a much-needed iOS 10 update that supports the new iOS 10 widget styles. Before iOS 10, widgets could be any size which made Fantastical’s month calendar widget very useful, but it didn’t fit iOS 10 without an update.

Fantastical Stories April 1, 2016

Apple’s iCloud services experiencing downtime for some users

Users are reporting downtime for some of Apple’s iCloud services this afternoon including problems logging in to iCloud and syncing data to apps that access the cloud services for calendars, mail and more.

Fantastical Stories March 30, 2016

Fantastical Mac 2.2

Fantastical has long been my go-to calendar on Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and today the Fantastical 2.2 update is hitting the Mac App Store. The intelligent calendar and reminders app started out as a menu bar utility with really, really good natural language detection for creating appointments and entries, plus a streamlined list view of upcoming items. Then a year ago Fantastical 2 debuted on the Mac, which graduated the menu bar app to a full-fledged calendar that easily competes with the built-in calendar app. The latest 2.2 update builds on that release by adding a handful of useful features including native Exchange support.

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Fantastical Stories November 16, 2015

Waze 3D Touch

Last month the popular Waze navigation app on iPhone got a major update with a new design and improvements to reporting traffic issues and sharing arrival times with others. Now Waze is out with its next new version which brings 3D Touch shortcuts to the Home screen icon for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users. Firmly press on the updated icon to quickly look up an address, share your location with other users, or get directions to your work or home address from your current location. Waze also says the update includes the usual bug fixes and improvements.

Fantastical already features 3D Touch shortcuts from its Home screen icon, and today the calendar and reminders app is adding more 3D Touch features for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users… expand full story

Fantastical Stories October 7, 2015

Fantastical 3D TouchFantastical 2.5 is out now with new multitasking features for iOS 9 on iPad, a 3D Touch app icon on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, a native Apple Watch app on watchOS 2 with its own watch face complication, and much more. Both the iPad and iPhone plus Apple Watch updates are available for free for current Fantastical 2 customers. The new versions come just two weeks after Split View in Fantastical hit the Mac with OS X El Capitan. See the new features in action below: expand full story

Fantastical Stories September 23, 2015

Fantastical 2.1 for Mac

Fantastical 2.0 notably upgraded the smart calendar menu bar utility to a full-sized calendar app in March. Following that massive release, Flexibits is back today with the first big update that builds on that it.

Fantastical 2.1 for Mac adds full El Capitan support ahead of OS X 10.11’s release next week (which should be welcome news to El Capitan public beta and developer testers now). In addition to general stability that you would expect, OS X 10.11 support includes El Capitan’s new split-screen feature for viewing and resizing two full-screen apps side-by-side.

Fantastical’s developers say the new release also fulfills the vast majority of feature requests after version 2.0 that users have requested. The result is more refined Fantastical 2 for Mac with an extensive change log that likely includes something for everyone: expand full story

Fantastical Stories August 25, 2015

Apple Watch Dark Sky

The results of a Wristly survey published today reveal a new look at Apple Watch behavior among early adopters and adds some insight into how many Apple Music users plan to subscribe after the 3-month free trial. The survey is the latest in a continuing series and captures responses from more than 1,300 people, Wristly says, marking its largest pool of participants yet. In it, Wristly shows what apps Apple Watch users are using most often, what type of apps they enjoy most on their wrist, plus how many participants also own an Apple TV. Also interesting is the crossover between Apple Watch users and interest in Apple Music. expand full story

Fantastical Stories July 29, 2015

Following Fantastical’s recent debut on the Apple Watch, which includes the full iCloud Reminders experience and more, Flexibits is delivering a neat new drafts feature to the intelligent calendar app and newly added support for another language. expand full story

Fantastical Stories June 3, 2015

When Apple Watch and Watch OS 1.0 shipped in April, the definite omission of an Apple Reminders app on the platform was particularly surprising to me. The Apple Watch User Guide even highlights the app’s absence:

There’s no Reminders app on Apple Watch, but Apple Watch notifies you of reminders you create in the Reminders app on your iPhone—and on any other iOS device or Mac that’s signed in using your Apple ID. Also, you can create reminders using Siri on Apple Watch.

Creating and responding to reminders is fine, but my girlfriend and I use a shared iCloud Reminders list for our grocery list, and being able to glance at the watch as you walk through the supermarket without pulling out the iPhone is an ideal use case for Apple Watch. Fortunately, Flexibits has developed a new version of its Fantastical app for iPhone that brings the full Reminders experience to Apple Watch, fulfilling an important use case for the watch I had in mind before it arrived.

Fantastical for Apple Watch also brings the excellent streamlined calendar list view to the watch, complete with the app’s easy-to-use natural language parsing feature that sets it apart from Apple’s own calendar app… expand full story

Fantastical Stories May 29, 2015

Flexibits announces upcoming Fantastical for Apple Watch app

Flexibits, makers of Fantastical 2, just announced an upcoming version of the super useful calendar app coming to the Apple Watch. Included in the teaser is the above preview of Fantastical made for the Apple Watch. We’ll have a full hands-on review of the new app when it launches so stay posted for that. In the meantime, check out our review of the recently released Fantastical 2 for Mac, which takes the natural language parsing calendar from a menu bar app to a full fledged calendar with a complete Yosemite redesign. You can grab Fantastical 2 for iPhone from the App Store for $4.99 to be ready for the Apple Watch update.

Fantastical Stories March 18, 2015

Flexibits teases upcoming Fantastical 2 for Mac app

Flexibits just released the first teaser for the upcoming Fantastical 2 for Mac app. The teaser includes new iconography matching OS X Yosemite’s aesthetics similar to the iOS 7 and later versions of Fantastical 2 for iPhone and iPad. Fantastical 2 for Mac will obviously be the sequel to the popular language parsing calendar utility for Mac.

The new version of the smart calendar app is due out in one week on March 25th, the teaser reveals, and we’ll have a full, hands-on review at launch so stay tuned. Until then, check out the Fantastical 2 for Mac teaser here (it has a cool 1984 Macintosh Super Bowl ad vibe to it) and catch up on our review coverage of Fantastical 2 for iPhone and iPad.

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