Dark Sky Stories September 28

September 28, 2022 Update: Apple has now removed Dark Sky from the App Store altogether, further restricting access ahead of the upcoming shutdown.

Apple is moving forward with its plans to shut down the Dark Sky weather app at the end of this year. If you open the Dark Sky app today, you’ll see a new pop-up message telling you that “support for the Dark Sky app” will end on January 1, 2023. This comes a day after iOS 16 debuted with more changes to the built-in Weather app…

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Dark Sky Stories November 15, 2021

Apple acquired the popular hyperlocal weather app Dark Sky back in March of 2020, and the app is currently slated to be shut down at the end of 2022. Nonetheless, the app continues to receive updates with bug fixes, performance improvements, and other tweaks despite the looming shutdown.

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Dark Sky Stories June 22, 2021

Apple is rolling out an update to the Dark Sky weather application it acquired last year. This marks only the second update since Apple announced its acquisition of Dark Sky, and it brings Apple Watch improvements, Accessibility updates, and more.

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Dark Sky Stories June 10, 2021

Just over a year ago, Apple announced that it was acquiring the popular hyperlocal weather app Dark Sky. At the time, Apple said the Dark Sky API, which is used by various third-party weather applications, would shut down at the end of 2021. Plans have shifted, however, and Dark Sky now says its API will be available for an additional year. The iOS app and website will also live on for another year.

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Dark Sky Stories November 2, 2020

In a surprise move this past March, Apple acquired the highly popular weather app and API provider Dark Sky. After a long wait, Apple is today releasing the first update since it purchased Dark Sky and shut down the Android version of the app.

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Dark Sky Stories July 28, 2020

Two reports this morning suggest that tomorrow’s congressional antitrust hearing will accuse Apple and other tech giants of having a ‘copy acquire kill’ strategy when it comes to dealing with potential competitors.

The term refers to copying what other companies are doing; acquiring companies as a way of gaining exclusive access to features; and killing apps after acquisition in order to deny them to customers on rival platforms …

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Dark Sky Stories April 1, 2020

Dark Sky is an incredibly useful weather app that’s been on my radar since I joined 9to5Mac in 2013. In a surprise announcement on Tuesday, Dark Sky announced that it was joining Apple. Within minutes, the Dark Sky app joined Apple’s list of software in the App Store.

We know Dark Sky is now dead on Android and the weather data provider API for other apps is going away, but what happens next for Dark Sky at Apple?

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Dark Sky Stories August 20, 2018

I recently took a look at the various weather apps for iPhone (read the roundup here). Dark Sky was one of my absolute favorite apps, and today it gets even better. Despite already having the gold standard (in my opinion) of weather data, it now brings one of the best-looking apps to the table as well. expand full story

Dark Sky Stories August 25, 2015

Apple Watch Dark Sky

The results of a Wristly survey published today reveal a new look at Apple Watch behavior among early adopters and adds some insight into how many Apple Music users plan to subscribe after the 3-month free trial. The survey is the latest in a continuing series and captures responses from more than 1,300 people, Wristly says, marking its largest pool of participants yet. In it, Wristly shows what apps Apple Watch users are using most often, what type of apps they enjoy most on their wrist, plus how many participants also own an Apple TV. Also interesting is the crossover between Apple Watch users and interest in Apple Music. expand full story

Dark Sky Stories June 17, 2015

Dark Sky 5 adds 24-hour forecast, pressure sensor reporting, more

Dark Sky is out with a major update to its hyperlocal weather reporting app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Dark Sky 5 adds a number of new features including a new focus on 24-hour forecasts, the ability to share pressure data, customizable advanced notifications.

Dark Sky Stories May 28, 2013

Dark Sky update delivers expanded hyperlocal forecasts, open source weather tips, UK support

Dark Sky for iOS received a nice update today introducing new features including support for our friends in the UK as well as the ability to submit your own personal weather report. The update adds simple weather condition descriptions in addition to the hyperlocal and insanely accurate precipitation forecasts, which takes it from a niche precipitation app to a more go-to weather app.

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