Tile Stories May 29

Tile’s antitrust claims against Apple, first made in the US, are now being made in Europe too.

The smart tracker company claimed that Apple was acting anti-competitively by giving different levels of iOS access to Tile and Apple’s own upcoming tracker product, AirTag

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Tile Stories April 2

Tile has made an accusation of Apple breaking promises to work toward resolving the dispute between the two companies, and says that indeed things are even worse than they were.

The dispute centers around Apple’s apparent intention to launch AirTags, which will directly compete with Tile trackers — small devices attached to gadgets and other valuables to track their location …

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Tile Stories January 17

We learned just this morning that Tile would be testifying to Congress over antitrust concerns aimed at Apple along with Google and Amazon. Now that opening statements have been made in today’s hearing, we’ve learned specifics about Tile’s concerns when it comes to the Find My app, Apple’s yet to be announced AirTag product, and access to the iPhone’s hardware.

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Tile Stories November 25, 2019

Smart Alerts when you leave something behind in a public place are Tile’s latest attempt to stay ahead of Apple’s anticipated launch of its own item tracker, which may be named AirTag.

We exclusively reported back in April that Apple is working on its own competitor to Tile, integrating with the iOS Find My app. One of the expected features is automatic alerts when you leave behind a protected item, and that’s something Tile is now adding to its own products…

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Tile Stories October 8, 2019

Tile is out today with two new smart trackers along with updates to its Tile Mate and Tile Pro products. The headlining new products are the Tile Sticker, the company’s smallest tracker yet that includes a waterproof design, and the Tile Slim that now has a credit card form factor for a low-profile design.

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Tile Stories January 7, 2019

Future gadgets will come with Tile tracking built right into their chips

Tile tracking tags were first launched back in 2013, allowing you to track the location of things like gadgets, wallets, keys and bags by attaching a small electronic tag to them. Since then, we’ve seen a series of developments with the technology …

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