Tile Stories January 5

Apple’s AirTags personal item trackers have been the works for what feels like a long time (first discovered by 9to5Mac in April 2019). Dating back to September 2019, Tile seemed concerned about the upcoming product. Now news has leaked that Tile is working on a version of its popular tracker with ultra wideband (UWB) instead of just Bluetooth. Maybe it could even beat Apple’s AirTags to market?

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Tile Stories September 24, 2020

A number of big developers who object to Apple’s App Store policies have jointly formed the Coalition for App Fairness, a non-profit intended to coordinate efforts to do battle with Apple. Founding members include Epic Games, Spotify and Tile, each of which is involved in high-profile disputes with the iPhone maker.

It will add to the antitrust pressure faced by Apple as the coalition accuses the Cupertino company of ‘taxing consumers’ and ‘crushing innovation’ …

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Tile Stories September 9, 2020

As Apple reportedly prepares its own AirTag item trackers for release as soon as this year, Tile is looking to differentiate its offerings. The company has introduced a new Premium Protect subscription service that reimburses you up to $1,000 per year if you’re unable to locate a lost item with your Tile tracker.

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Tile Stories July 28, 2020

Two reports this morning suggest that tomorrow’s congressional antitrust hearing will accuse Apple and other tech giants of having a ‘copy acquire kill’ strategy when it comes to dealing with potential competitors.

The term refers to copying what other companies are doing; acquiring companies as a way of gaining exclusive access to features; and killing apps after acquisition in order to deny them to customers on rival platforms …

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Tile Stories May 29, 2020

Tile’s antitrust claims against Apple, first made in the US, are now being made in Europe too.

The smart tracker company claimed that Apple was acting anti-competitively by giving different levels of iOS access to Tile and Apple’s own upcoming tracker product, AirTag

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Tile Stories April 2, 2020

Tile has made an accusation of Apple breaking promises to work toward resolving the dispute between the two companies, and says that indeed things are even worse than they were.

The dispute centers around Apple’s apparent intention to launch AirTags, which will directly compete with Tile trackers — small devices attached to gadgets and other valuables to track their location …

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