Mail Stories April 27, 2020

Last week saw contradictory claims about iPhone Mail vulnerabilities, with a security company claiming that they had been exploited in real-world attacks, and Apple stating that it can find no evidence of this.

Two leading security researchers have now weighed in on this, agreeing with Apple on one point, while stating it remains possible that the bugs have been exploited …

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Mail Stories April 24, 2020

A security company which discovered iPhone Mail vulnerabilities claimed that they have been ‘widely exploited’ in real-world attacks. Apple has now denied this claim, stating that it could find ‘no evidence’ that the exploits have been used.

Additionally, it says that the vulnerabilities in question cannot bypass iPhone and iPad security safeguards …

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Mail Stories April 22, 2020

A new potentially serious software vulnerability has been discovered in iOS 13 that works via the default Mail app on iPhone and iPad. The security group ZecOps (via Motherboard) says that one of the two vulnerabilities is a zero-click exploit (no user interaction needed) that can be performed remotely.

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Mail Stories March 28, 2017

I’m really good at managing my inbox (for personal email at least) and rarely leave messages there for keeping. Most emails go in a receipt folder or get deleted, I aggressively unsubscribe to mailing lists and mark spam as junk, and special messages are archived for keeping.

Occasionally I’ll have a message with important information that I don’t need right now and will want to easily reference in the near future. I’ve tried flagging but I don’t entirely understand how the feature is supposed to work between iOS and the Mac.

Usually I just leave the email in my inbox, but what I’d like to do is save the message somewhere with other important information like Apple’s Notes app. Luckily this is possible on iOS, but it’s a bit confusing to discover…

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Mail Stories May 13, 2016

Apple reporting ongoing iCloud Mail and Notes outage for some users [Update]

[UPDATE: Apple’s system status page says the issues are now resolved after four hours.]

If you’re currently experiencing issues with iCloud Mail or Notes, then you’re not alone. Apple is currently reporting an ongoing iCloud outage affecting a small percentage of users (which is probably still a lot of people at Apple’s scale) when sending and receiving email with iCloud Mail or using iCloud Notes.

Mail Stories April 1, 2016

Apple’s iCloud services experiencing downtime for some users

Users are reporting downtime for some of Apple’s iCloud services this afternoon including problems logging in to iCloud and syncing data to apps that access the cloud services for calendars, mail and more.

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