Reports are coming in that Mac 10.7 is starting to circulate a little more widely.   We had a look at our logs which have the first instance of 10.7 back in September and a growing number of hits from 10.7 machines, especially over the past month. 

Previously, the hits came from Apple’s 17.x.x.x block of IPs but now we are seeing some traffic outside of this range.  We’ve even had an international 10.7 visitor this month.  There is always the possibility that a few of these visitors are spoofing the OS version in their browsers but doubtful that so many are, especially on the 17.x.x.x network.

It’s interesting to note that traffic died down around Christmas, but resumed to before unseen numbers after and are growing steadily.  This also seems to indicate that 10.7 is en route to a WWDC near you.Oh, and there’s always that possibility that the tablet is running what is called 10.7 and we’re seeing testing of that system.  The screen resolutions of these devices are much bigger that would probably fit on a tablet, however.

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