Mac fans needn’t look with envy at their Palm Pre-owning friends who get to charge their phones wirelessly, using the TouchStone inductive charger. Thanks to accessory maker Mobee, it is now possible to wirelessly charge – well, not your iPhone, but an Apple Wireless Keyboard or a Magic Trackpad. Conveniently dubbed the Magic Bar, it works by replacing a pair of AA batteries on your keyboard or a trackpad with a battery cylinder. Read on…


Whenever your keyboard or trackpad needs more juice, just slide the protruding part into the provided charging dock. The base station plugs into any USB port so you don’t need an external power supply. It’s not quite as wireless charging as Palm’s TouchStone inductive charger, but it’s close enough and it gets the job done.

The accessory looks stylish and just gorgeous, matching the keyboard and the trackpad with its aluminum design. Plus, it’s a greener way to use your keyboard and trackpad as it helps reduce the number of used batteries that end up in landfills.

The Magic Bar goes on sale by the end of June, with pre-orders beginning May 15. The accessory comes with one battery cylinder, and costs $59.90. Too much? Mobee says the Magic Bar becomes cost effective after one year of home usage and six months of office usage. Mobee is also behind Magic Charger, an inductive charger for the Magic Mouse.

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