Remember iHub, the coolest-looking USB hub for your Mac that looks like a miniaturized Mac mini and has four ports to connect your USB peripherals? You may also remember how Apple’s legal sharks swiftly responded by threatening legal actions against MIC Gadget, the maker of this accessory, because the gizmo rocks the Apple logo that glows when in use.

Well, some people are reporting having received their iHub order. It’s a perfect desktop companion for those latest iMacs, if you ask me…


The above image is from a Twitter user @TehBeej who posted a photographic evidence of an iHub on his desk. “Like a dream. Just plugged in a USB flash drive, external powered HDD, iPhone 4 and a USB mighty mouse”, he tweeted when @9to5Mac asked him about first impressions.

We tried to place an order but the accessory was nowhere to be seen on the MIC Gadget store at press time.

Anyone out there recently received an iHub? Are you satisfied with the product? Meet us in comments.

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