America’s greatest retailer Apple is set to open a new brick-and-mortar store in Charlotte, North Carolina. Some thirty miles outside the city work is also underway on Apple’s $1 billion super datacenter facility which has been kept shroud in secrecy. The Apple Store-focused publication, ifoAppleStore, explains the new retail spot will become Apple’s fifth store in the state and their second in the city. It will be located on the second level of the Northlake Mall, on the city’s north side some sixteen miles north of the existing SouthPark location.


Grand opening is apparently being planned for some time in the fourth quarter of this year. In other Apple retail news, Canada’s Burnaby will also greet an Apple store by the end of this year, located inside the huge MetroTown shopping mall, Canada’s second-largest. And if geotags sourced from Flickr snaps are to be believed, the iconic Fifth Avenue store is one of the New York’s top photo attractions for both tourists and locals.

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