The future of medicine is now and it’s all about intelligent accessories for iOS devices. Here’s the iCard ECG, an iPhone gizmo that lets you take your own electrocardiograph readouts. You simply clip the credit-sized, millimeter thick accessory with velcro on the back of your iPhone and then press the handset against your chest. The iPhone Download blog explains:

One cool feature of the iPhoneECG is the personal heart rate trending feature. You can listen to relaxing music through your headphones and see how your heart rate is affected. This device and app are still in the process of being reviewed by the FDA in the United States, so you’ll have to register to be part of the launch.

The resulting PDF file with your ECG readouts can be easily beamed wirelessly to the AliveCor server for physicians to review. Oh, and the iCard ECG comes in red and works with iPad too, which is important if you’re Shaquille O’Neal or something.

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