You may remember TJ Maxx’s $399 iPad sale late in 2010, and now you can prepare for that to happen again. The Verge has word from a tipster that TJ Maxx will be selling the iPad 2 16GB for $399 in its stores tomorrow. Supplies will reportedly be low (around 15 per store), so get there early. TJ Maxx is yet to confirm this sale, so you should call your store in the morning if you’re interested. This sale is most likely unauthorized by Apple with Steve Jobs telling a 9to5Mac reader last year that TJ Maxx isn’t an official Apple reseller.

Update: The sale is confirmed to be going on today. Call your local TJ Maxx to see if they have them in stock, because we’re hearing there’s only about 25 per store. Our original tip from last night:

If you call the TJ MAXX in Lakewood ,NY they confirmed to me they are selling it for 399 tommorrow and have 25 in stock!!!

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