Following an update to Chrome for Android last week, Google has updated Chrome for iOS on Monday for the first time since December.

While the Android version included improved scrolling performance, increased responsiveness for pinch zooming on pages, and faster interactive pages, the iOS app notably updated with the ability to long-press on the back button to quickly access any page in the tab history.

Version 25.0.1364.86 of the free mobile browser also now allows iOS users to share a web page via Messages, and it features stability enhancements, unspecified security improvements, and bug fixes.

The Android app began offering a browsing experience last week that is 25 percent faster due to expanded support for HTML5 and the latest V8 JavaScript engine, and Google said these changes will rollout to other platforms soon. Google also said on the official Chrome blog today that those using Chrome on iPhone or iPad could now see their search term in the omnibox instead of the long search URL.

“This will help you refine search queries and view more content on the results page,” explained Google. “This feature will roll out in the coming weeks, so you may not see it right away after upgrading.”

Get more details at the official Chrome blog.

Also, for those interested, Google developer Paul Irish published a post recently that compares various WebKit browsers.

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