Microsoft’s latest television commercial for Windows 8 tablets uses a Siri voice-over to mock the iPad’s pricing and capabilities. The ad appears to frame Windows 8 tablets as more capable for productivity and more valuable for the price (via The Verge). What’s somewhat comical here is that one of the few advantages Microsoft touts for its tablets is the ability to run PowerPoint, something Microsoft has clearly been holding back from the iPad for some time now. Would it surprise anyone to see another couple of ads in this series focusing on Word and Excel?

Oh, and how much of that 64GB of space on the Windows tablet at the end is free for media? You’re lucky to get half of the space.

Microsoft’s ad is in similar style to Apple’s late 2012 advertisement to introduce the iPad mini. Apple’s ad below:

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3 Responses to “Latest Windows 8 tablet commercial uses Siri to mock iPad ads, pricing, capabilities”

  1. Marklewood at Serenity Lodge says:

    Instead of attacking the competition — if you can call it that — why don’t the manufacturers simply point out what their products *CAN* do. Positive, honest ads get my interest.


  2. nsxrebel says:

    Funny how these videos are PRIVATE now, or don’t EXIST!

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