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As we reported would occur, Apple has just launched its annual Back to School promotion for students. The program launched in January for students in Australia, and today, the new program was opened up for students in the United States and several other nations across the world.

Like we reported, the program offers students a $100 Mac App Store/iTunes Store/iBookstore gift card with purchase of a new Mac computer. $50 gift cards of the same kind are offered for iPad and iPhone (for the first time) purchases…

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The Back to School program runs from July 2nd until September 6, 2013. The promotion is only available at Apple Retail Stores, Apple Online Store, and Authorized Apple Campus Stores for Mac and iPad, and only via the Apple Retail and Apple Online Stores for iPhone, according to the terms and conditions for the promotion on Apple’s website.

To go along with the gift card offer, Apple’s website is also promoting a slew of education related accessories and other products to go along with new device purchases. In order to participate in the Back to School program, you must be a university student (or accepted) or the parent of a university student.

To go along with this online announcement, we understand that Apple has prepped its stores to sport a new educational theme.

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